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After Armored Batman and Superman, the characters from the upcoming Suicide Squad film have started entering the game world of Fortnite. The Suicide Squad’s BloodSport has arrived in Fortnite as a character skin. The BloodSport character skin and its accessories are limited-time items and won’t remain available for purchase forever in the store. The BloodSport skin can only be used in Battle Royale and Creative modes (not in Save the World). The accessories, however, can be used in all the modes.
BloodSport in the upcoming DC film Suicide Squad is Robert DuBois, played by Idris Elba. He is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and is skilled in using knives, firearms and explosives. He also has access to some high-tech weaponry.
The BloodSport skin accessories include the A.R.G.U.S. Sabre Pickaxe and Bloodsport Camo Wrap. In Fortnite, BloodSport is not going to be a playable character, we must remind, and the character skin and accessories have been added for purely cosmetic reasons.
Along with the BloodSport character skin and accessories, Fortnite has also added four Sprays: Springing Harley, I’m a Superhero, It’s Peacemaker and He’s a Shark. Harley Quinn has got a Picky Sicky costume too. Those who had the Rebirth Harley will get the new upgrade automatically.
Fortnite update v17.30 had added NPCs from the DC Universe like Armored Batman, Superman and Beast Boy. You will be able to seek out the Armored Batman at the Dirty Docks, Superman at The Orchard and Beast Boy at the Weeping Woods.

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