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Spotify has recently announced new features to make it easier for its users to share their favorite music track or podcast episode with anyone via their social media handles. In a blog post, an addition of a new podcast timestamp sharing feature has also been announced, which allows the users to share any podcast episode beginning at a particular time. Talking of the new podcast timestamp sharing on Spotify, the feature is intended to allow users to share any part of a particular podcast with their friends at that particular moment. This avoids the effort on the part of users to explain to their friends, which part exactly they wanted to share.

Spotify. Image: Pixabay

Spotify is allowing users to share music with Canvas on Snapchat and Instagram stories. Image: Pixabay

The feature is quick and easy to access. When users share the link of a podcast timestamp with their friends, they shall be able to pick up the podcast from the exact moment from where the link was shared. Earlier, users were only able to share an entire episode and the recipients would manually forward the time to listen to the intended part of the podcast.

Another added feature by Spotify is allowing users to share music with Canvas on Snapchat and Instagram stories. The users will be allowed to preview the Canvas before they share their Instagram or Snapchat stories. Spotify’s Canvas feature turns static song/ album art into eight-second visual loops. This attributes to discovering music via social media handles.

“According to a survey of Spotify users, around 40 percent of music discovery is attributed to social channels—meaning social media is a key resource for our users,” reads the blog.

Lastly, Spotify has reorganised the messaging and social media apps on the sharing menu which will be laid out in a grid form, based on the usage.

These features will be available to both iOS and Android users across the globe.


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