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Social media app Snapchat has been accused by the parents of a dead young man of being the cause of his death and that of two of his friends, as per a report by NPR. The three young men were killed in a car crash in Walworth County, Wis., in May 2017 while their car was cruising at the speed of 123 miles per hour and one of them opened Snapchat to test its “Speed Filter”. Within a short span of time after that, the car crashed into a tree, killing all three passengers.
As per the report, the parents said that “their son wanted to capture the experience using an app feature — the controversial “speed filter” — that documents real-life speed, hoping for engagement and attention from followers on the messaging app.”
A 3-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the parents have the right to sue Snap Inc. which they eventually did, alleging that the company “knowingly created a dangerous game” through its filter and is responsible to some degree for the car crash.
They have alleged that the speed filter of the app urges youngsters “to drive at astounding speeds.” The court ruled that Snap Inc “should be treated like any other company that makes a product that can lead to injury or harm to consumers.”
As per Judge Kim McLane Wardlaw: “Snap indisputably designed Snapchat’s reward system and Speed Filter and made those aspects of Snapchat available to users through the Internet. This type of claim rests on the premise that manufacturers have a ‘duty to exercise due care in supplying products that do not present an unreasonable risk of injury or harm to the public.”

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