Samsung Galaxy S22 could be cheaper for you …depending where you live

Samsung has confirmed that its next Unpacked event will be taking place on February 9 2022, which is where the Galaxy S22 line-up will be announced. And, for anyone interested in pre-ordering a Samsung Galaxy S22, the highly anticipated Android-powered handset will be cheaper to buy if you live in certain areas. Depending on which region you’re in you could get up to £83 off the Galaxy S22 when placing a pre-order, according to SamMobile.

Last week Samsung revealed that Galaxy fans in the US would be able to get $50 off an S22 handset when they sign-up to pre-order one of these phones.

While in the Netherlands Samsung is offering €50 Samsung Store credit when people in the region register for the next Unpacked event.

But the biggest saving that’s up for grabs is available in Sweden, where Samsung is offering a whopping €100 worth of store credit.

This is the highest value promotion that’s so far been offered in any country, and this credit can be used towards bringing the price of the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+ or Galaxy S22 Ultra down considerably.

So far, a similar promotion hasn’t been announced for the UK – but given it’s a few weeks till the next Unpacked event there is time for a similar offer to drop.

Even if Samsung doesn’t launch an equivalent money offer for those in Blighty it’s likely other deals will be available.

In the past, Samsung has offered a generous amount of freebies to people who pre-order upcoming Galaxy handsets.

Pre-order bonuses that have been offered in the past include free Samsung earbuds and a Galaxy SmartTag.

So, given past promotions, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Samsung offer free pairs of Galaxy Buds 2 or Galaxy Buds Pro with Galaxy S22 pre-orders.

If that’s the case the Pro is likely to be a pre-order bonus for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra orders, with the Galaxy Buds 2 available alongside the S22 and S22+.

The Galaxy S22 line-up is expected to bring with it a few eye-catching changes from the S21 range.

Firstly, the S22 is rumoured to be smaller than the S21 – with a screen size of six inches compared to the S21’s 6.2inch size.

This should make the S22 easier to use in one hand, thanks to its smaller cuter size.

But the biggest, and most eye-catching change will be seen with the S22 Ultra.

Leaked dummy units have shown the S22 will have a Galaxy Note-like design, with squared edges instead of the S22 and S22 Plus’s rounded corners.

And the changes don’t stop there. The S22 Ultra is rumoured to differentiate itself in design massively from the S22 and S22+ by having a rear panel with no combined camera bump.

This offers a simplistic and clean look which is extremely eye-catching, especially when paired when the matte black colour scheme seen on an alleged, leaked dummy unit.

You can see mock-ups of how the Galaxy S22 Ultra could look on the LetsGoDigital website.

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