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Smartphone brand Realme has introduced its magnetic wireless charging tech for Android phones and claimed that it flaunts a better design and charges devices faster than Apple’s MagSafe technology. Inspired by Apple’s MagSafe, Realme is calling its charging tech as MagDart. Realme introduced a 15W MagDart charger and said that it is 26.4% thinner than Apple’s MagSafe Charger and is faster.
Realme explained that MagDart is faster than MagSafe due to its “Separated Coil & Board design”. “It sets the mainboard and the coil at the two ends of the charging plug and the charging pad respectively, thus making the charging pad thin with only one charging coil. And it separates these two sources of heat generation, thus reducing the heat generation situation and thus providing longer high power charging hours,” it said.
Realme claimed that the 15W MagDart charger can charge a 4,500mAh battery from 0 to 100% in 90 minutes and it is “much faster than the rival product”, hinting at Apple.
The company also said that its 50W MagDart Charger is the “world’s fastest magnetic wireless charger”. The 50W MagDart charger features an active air cooling system that keeps the mainboard and coil temperatures at a reasonable level with a compact fan that can quickly remove heat by drawing a large airflow into the charger so that it can maintain the charging power at a high level for a longer time.
Apple had introduced a new way to wirelessly charge your iPhone 12 with MagSafe. It is basically a wireless charger that offers up to 15W fast charging and magnetically attaches to iPhone 12 and 12 Pro models. It is reliable and you can continue to use your iPhone 12 while it gets charged wirelessly.
The problem with most wireless chargers is that while the device is charging you will not be able to use it. You even have to be careful that you don’t touch it at all as a slight touch may interrupt the wireless charging process. This is the major problem that Apple has solved with MagSafe. The company has added a coil inside the new iPhone 12 range and added magnets to the charger itself. This enables a magnetic lock between the new iPhone 12 models and the MagSafe charger. Now, as the MagSafe charger is connected to the wall socket via an adapter, you can use the iPhone as well.

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