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Call of Duty: Vanguard is set to launch on November 5 but PS4 and PS5 players can play the limited time Alpha build of the game from August 27, 10 AM PT (10.30PM IST) to August 29, 10 AM PT. The Alpha build comes with a new multiplayer game mode called Champion Hill. Best thing is, you do not need to preorder the game to play and also, don’t need a PlayStation Plus subscription. All you need to play the Vanguard Alpha is a PS4 or PS5 and a stable internet connection. There is however, a catch in case of PS4 and PS5 players in Germany and Japan.
“Only the PS4 and PS5 owners in Germany will need a PS Plus subscription due to the game’s age rating. A nominal fee is required for PS4 and PS5 owners in Japan.”, added Activision in a PlayStation blogpost.
Champion Hill: What’s in store
The area of Champion Hill comprises four maps combined into the Champion Hill arena. There is a central Buy Station Area and four Combat arenas: Airstrip, Trainyard, Market, and Courtyard, as per a PlayStation blogpost.
In the Champion Hill mode of the Vanguard Alpha, you can enter either a Duo (2v2) or a Trio (3v3) match. There will be seven other squads vying for the top spot in a round robin tournament mode. Each squad starts with a set number of lives. The goal of players is to reduce the number of lives of other squads to zero within a certain period of time in a Combat Round. The one who is able to do that before anyone else, wins the mode.

Each participating player in Champion Hill will start with the same Loadout but they can collect some cash by taking down enemies and from pickup points in the map. With the cashearned, you can upgrade your Loadout with new equipment, Perks and Killstreaks during Buy Rounds that open for purchase in between the Combat Rounds.

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