Oppo demonstrates new wireless charging technology at MWCS 2021 – Eagles Vine

Smartphone brand Oppo has demonstrated new wireless charging technology at the ongoing Mobile World Congress- Shanghai (MWCS) 2021. The company released a 30-second video to showcase the technology using its rollable concept smartphone called the Oppo X 2021.
In the video, one can see the rollable concept phone charging wirelessly on what appears to be a charging mat. The smartphone goes on to charge constantly even when lifted in the air, suggesting air charging technology.
Details of the wireless technology is yet to be made official by the company. Although, the company mentioned about its new wireless charging technology in a press release recently.
Oppo’s air charging comes almost a month after Xiaomi unveiled its Mi Air Charge technology in January this year. The new form of wireless charging will allow users to charge their electronic devices remotely.
Xiaomi gave out details about the Mi Air Charge technology in a press release. It said that the technology will enable one to charge smartphones and other mobile devices over-the-air within a range of up to 4 cm.
Xiaomi mi Air Charge is equipped with five built-in phase interference antennas. They can detect the accurate location of the smartphone to charge it over the air.

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