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Apple is about to launch the new iPhone 13 series along with the new iOS 15 operating system. But there is an issue that continues to trouble iOS 14 users that Apple has done nothing about. Soon after upgrading to iOS 14, Apple iPhone users started to complain about their experience with CarPlay. There’s a bug that sometimes pops up an error message: “Only one accessory can be used at a time”. This issue has reportedly been there for over eight months but Apple is yet to fix it, as per a report by 9to5 Mac.
This bug appeared with iOS 14 and we are now about to see Apple start the life cycle of iOS 15. People have taken to Reddit forums and Apple Discussion pages to complain about the same.
Talking about what the bug does, an iPhone user explained, “ Since one of the iOS 14 updates, about 6 months ago, after a few uses in the car, iOS will not see that the iPhone has been unplugged from the car, and as a result you will get no audio out of your speakers and attempting to plug the phone back into the car will cause a “Only one accessory can be used at a time” error to pop up on the screen.”
Adding to it, the user said, “Checking your sound output settings will show that the iPhone thinks it’s still playing audio out the dock connector, and there is no option to play audio out the speaker. The ear piece will still work, bluetooth or other headphones will still work, however lighting devices won’t work. There is also no interface sounds like keyboard clicks, lock sounds, and whatnot when in this state.”
Apparently, the only way to fix the issue is by rebooting your iPhone.
This issue doesn’t always happen. A user took to Reddit and said, “Once I got this message, nothing worked to get CarPlay to work. But when I try again 30 minutes later when the car is left off, it connects without problems. I have the issue about 1 in 10 times when connecting the iPhone to CarPlay.”

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