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With Amazon Prime Day sale kickstarting, the creator of Firefox internet browser–Mozilla– took to Instagram to tell buyers to stay away from three “super creepy” gadgets. Interestingly, Mozilla’s list of creepy gadgets even include Amazon’s Echo smart speaker. The creepy gadget list by Mozilla aims to make people aware of online privacy.
Despite the attractive offers, Mozilla is suggesting people to stay away from Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers. It explained, “While Amazon doesn’t sell your personal information, they sure as heck use it to target you with more stuff to buy. They also use voice requests to train Alexa’s speech recognition system.”
Mozilla said that even if you go ahead to buy Amazon’s range of Echo smart speakers, buyers should familiarise themselves with the settings and keep deleting past voice recordings and transcripts. “You can also now ask Alexa to ‘Delete what I just said’.”

The next gadget that Mozilla warned people to stay away from Ring doorbells and cameras. “They (Ring cameras) give law enforcement agencies access to video captured through Ring Cameras, raising a host of concerns around public safety and racism,” said Mozilla.
Mozilla suggested that buyers should opt for cameras from Eufy or Arlo that do not store data on their cloud.
The third product that Mozilla wants buyers to stay away from is Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. “This watch watches a lot. Your location, heart rate, sleep patterns, stress and more. That’s a lot of personal information gathered in one place. And Samsung says that they may share your data with business affiliates who make predictions about your interests and target you with ads.”
Instead of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, Mozilla recommended buyers to opt for Garmins smartwatches and claimed that Garmin “does one of the best jobs handling privacy and security of all fitness trackers out there,” it said.

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