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Motorola has partnered with GuRu Wireless for over-the-air charging solutions, as per a report by The Next Web. Motorola isn’t the first company to have thought of over-the-air charging of devices as Xiaomi showcased this technology in a concept video in which a phone was shown to be charging wirelessly in a room.
As per the report, GuRu Wireless has a proprietary technology for over-the-air charging that uses millimetre-wave (mmWave) integrated circuits and claims that its RF Lensing solutions can “charge devices even at a 30 feet (9.14 meter) distance through a single transmitter.” at a power range of 5W-10W. It’s not very fast charging but as it is the first time such tech is going to be implemented, we can have some hope of the charging getting faster after over-the-air charging becomes consumer-grade.
There has been no official word from Motorola regarding the use of over-the-air charging technology in its future devices. It is still early for the tech to move from concept to being adopted for consumer devices. Over-the-air charging is not like regular charging where you plug in a phone charger or place your phone over the charging base to get the job done. If you are moving inside the room with the device and hope that it gets keeps charging at the same time too, there is a device tracking mechanism that needs to be employed, and there are regulations to be faced too about charging a device through the air. The tech feels cool but would it be safe enough for day-to-day, regular use? That’s an obstacle that needs to be crossed.

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