Joe Biden reportedly hosting cybersecurity meeting with Tim Cook, Satya Nadella, and Andy Jassy attending

President Joe Biden plans to host a meeting on Wednesday to discuss how companies are improving cybersecurity after the waves of recent security breaches and ransomware attacks, and Apple CEO Tim Cook, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, and Amazon CEO Andy Jassy will be attending, according to Bloomberg. Google, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, and the energy firm Southern Company have also been invited, and Southern Company CEO Tom Fanning is also set to attend, Bloomberg reports.

While it’s not clear exactly what the president and any attendees plan to discuss, there will surely be a lot to talk about given incidents like the massive Solarwinds hack, the Kaseya ransomware attack, or the Colonial Pipeline shutdown resulting from a cyberattack.

Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM, JPMorgan, and Southern Company all declined to comment to Bloomberg, and a Southern Company spokesperson declined to comment to The Verge. The other companies and the White House have not replied to requests for comment from The Verge.

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