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iOS 15 is expected to be rolled out sometime in second week of September. Although Apple hasn’t given an official confirmation about the date, the new OS update generally comes with new iPhones. With iOS 15, Apple is set to bring a host of new features to iPhones. One of the most anticipated is all the new features that will come with the Photos app. We have been using the beta version of iOS 15 for a while now and have been exploring what all is new with the Photos app. Here we list out all the major changes that Photos app will bring:

This is one of the coolest features coming to iPhones with the Photos app. Users can now use the Live text feature to recognise any text that is in an image. The text has to be selectable and then can be copied and pasted to get info about it. For example, you have a photo of food delivery menu and there are phone numbers of the takeaway place. You can simply point the iPhone camera, click the photo, select the number and you can dial the number. What’s more you can directly translate the text written in a foreign language directly from the photo.

Memories: More to it than what meets the eye

Some of the biggest changes in the Photos app lie in the Memories section. Users will find new memos looks that look quite cool. Apple has added animated cards, new animations, multiple image collages and new transition styles to give a new look and feel. If you want to play a Memory, you will find the interface more interactive that allows you to tap to pause, skip to the next photo and change music as well. Earlier, you had to recompile to change the music or song in Memories but now it happens in realtime only.

Also, within the Photos library, Apple is doing new kinds of Memories. For example, new child-focused memories, pet memories have been improved, new international holidays among others.

Apple Music integration: Add songs to photos

With iOS 15, Photos app is getting better integration of Apple Music. If and when you are creating and viewing Memories, you will have the option to choose any song from Apple Music and add to it. Do note that this doesn’t work with individual photos but only with Memories. The new feature also makes personalised song suggestions based on your music preferences and the content of photos and videos. Further, Memories can now add songs that were popular at the time certain photos were clicked. Or if you clicked images at a concert, then a song from that artist can be added to the memory.

Smarter and better recognition of photos

The Visual Lookup photos is a new addition that makes recognition of images of better. For example in some photos, the iPhone will be able to recognise books, landmarks, flowers, plants and more automatically. On the image you will find an “I” icon and if you see it that means the Visual Lookup feature isa available. All you need to do is tap on the icon and the necessary information will follow.

More data about the photos

There’s a new “Info” icon available below all photos. This will tell you what camera was used to take it, what was the lens used, megapixel, shutter speed, size, aperture and more.


Photos will sync faster with iCloud library

With iOS 15, iCloud Photos will sync quicker than before. It will make faster to access photos on iCloud.

People identification is improved

The iOS 15 Photos app can now recognise people much better in the People album. If people’s faces are slightly hidden or are wearing accessories like hats, the Photos app will identify people in a much better manner.

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