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Caviar, the brand that is renowned for crafting customised uber luxury versions of smartphones, has unveiled the custom series of the latest Pro models of iPhonesiPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The latest versions are inspired by various Rolex watch models.
Caviar has unveiled a total of five models of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max handsets. These five models will be available for between $6,500-$25,080 as the prices vary for iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max as well as on different storage models.
The most expensive of the five customised models is the one inspired by Rolex’s Rolex Cellini collection, which is named after Italian jeweller and sculptor of the Renaissance — Benvenuto Cellini. This particular custom variant of the iPhone 13 Pro series boasts of 18-karat white gold on the top part and brown crocodile skin covering at the bottom part. The frame of the device is also customised to 18-karat rose gold. It can be purchased at $25,080 onwards (approximately Rs 18,48,800).

Next up is the series inspired by Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch series for professional racing drivers. Caviar claims that this custom variant of the iPhone 13 Pro series houses a real meteorite on the upper part, while the bottom part has carbon fiber with a diagonal counter weave. This model is priced at $7060 onwards (Rs 5,20,400) onwards.

The next custom iPhone series is in sync with the Rolex-Sky-Dweller series. The upper part of this custom device features high-impact titanium with black PVD coating , while the bottom part is Black stained oak. The frame is a double gold coating 24K by Double Electroplated technology (7mk) and this model can be priced at $6910 (approximately Rs 5,09,394) onwards.

The Rolex-Datejust watch collection design can be seen in the Olive Rays model of the iPhone 13 Pro duo. The upper part is made of Aluminium and is olive-green in colour, a symbolic colour of the Swiss brand. The lower part features metal links made of titanium and gold-plated metal, in the style of a Jubilee bracelet. This is priced at $6830 onwards (approximately Rs 5,03,400) onwards.

Lastly, priced at $6540 (approximately Rs 4,82,100) onwards, the “marine” collection Rolex – Yacht-Master II design features a bronze-titanium panel (панно) in the style of Rolex bracelets. It has titanium and copper inserts on the lower part of the case, while in the upper part a white anti-impact material with an engraving.

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