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Apple is launching a series of operating systems for its products today. From iOS 15 to Watch OS 8, Apple has already revealed most of the features that these updates offer and people are eagerly waiting to try them out on their devices. iPhone is undoubtedly the most sold Apple product and millions of those iPhone users are eligible to get the iOS update. In India, the new updates will be available at 10:30 pm.
iOS 15 is bringing exciting features like Live Text, Focus Mode for notifications, new safari interface and many more. Just like previous iOS updates, iOS 15 can be installed directly on iPhone using Wi-Fi or it can be installed via iTunes from any Mac or PC. But before upgrading your iPhone, you should take care of a few things to make sure the process goes smoothly without any complications.
Check whether your iPhone is compatible with iOS 15
iOS 15 is compatible with all iPhones launched in the last six years. If your device is compatible, you can check if you have an update available by going into Settings> General > Software Update. Although the new OS is available for a wide range of devices, old-generation iPhone models won’t be able to enjoy all the features that the new update has to offer.
Have sufficient free space available on your iPhone
To install any new version of iOS on your devices, you should at least have 4GB to 5GB free storage available for the update to download and install. To check the free storage available on your devices you can go to Settings> General> iPhone Storage. You can easily free up some space on your iPhone by removing unnecessary apps and by clearing the “Recently Deleted” folder in the gallery.
Backup your devices before installing any major updates
It’s always safe to backup your device before any update. A secure backup can help you if something goes wrong during or after installing the update. You can backup your iPhone easily online using iCloud. If you don’t have enough storage on your iCloud, you can also save a backup offline using iTunes on any Mac or PC.
Make sure you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection
To install iOS 15 you’ll need a stable Wi-Fi connection as iOS updates are pretty heavy and take a good amount of time to download. To avoid any trouble during the downloading process make sure you have enough data limit available. You may also see a “Software Update Failed” notification sometimes if you are downloading a new version of iOS using a disturbed Wi-Fi connection.

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