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You will always find a set of people who will say that what happens in Android, sooner or later happens in the iPhone as well. There are many features that can back that statement. And it now looks like another feature that has been in Android phones for a while could make its way into the iPhone. We are talking about reverse wireless charging.
According to prolific tipster Max Weinbach, iPhone 13 (unconfirmed name) could feature a larger wireless charging coil, which may further enable wireless charging. As per the tipster, a larger coil means the surface area which could be used for wireless charging will increase. What it will also do is make it easier for the iPhone to manage the heat generated from the component. If wireless charging does come then it perhaps could help iPhone users to charge devices like AirPods and potentially iPhones from the back of the device.
Reports have suggested that the iPhone 12 series is also capable of reverse wireless charging but Apple has disabled the feature. Notably, the reverse wireless charging feature has already been a part of some Samsung, Huawei phones in the past.
Apple has been overly cautious when it comes to wireless charging technology. Back in 2017, it had showcased the AirPower mat — a device capable of charging the iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously. However, two years later Apple officially announced — something it rarely does — that the AirPower mat was dead and the company won’t be working on it. But last month a tipster suggested that the AirPower mat is back on Apple’s agenda.
The AirPower mat might not see the light of the day for a while but reverse wireless charging could very well be a part of the next iPhone. More so as iPhone 12 already has the capability and Apple may have refined the experience to finally unveil the feature.

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