iCloud for Windows update: Apple brings iCloud Passwords management to Windows, allows managing passwords on PC – Eagles Vine

Apple rolled out iCloud Passwords support to the iCloud app for Windows earlier this year via a Google Chrome extension which allowed users to use the passwords stored in Apple Keychain to log in on a Windows device.
Now, the company is improving upon that and has announced a new dedicated iCloud Passwords app. The new app is a part of iCloud for Windows update 12.5 which brings several new functionalities and abilities for iCloud Windows users.
With the latest iCloud 12.5 update, users can now search through saved passwords, change them, add a new one or even the delete option is there in case anyone wants to delete a saved password. Also, all the changes made using the iCloud for Windows app will also be synced across all the Apple devices.
Apart from this, update 12.5 also adds extension support for the Microsoft Edge web browser. The iCloud for Windows 12.5 update is now available for Windows to download from Microsoft Store.
Apple has also released a document explaining the new features and how to use them. According to the document, Apple users will need to enable the iCloud Password sync from iCloud settings in order to make this feature work.
Also, they will need an Apple account with two-factor authentication enabled and an iPhone, iPad or Mac running iOS 14, iPad OS 14, macOS 11 or above. In addition to that, the Windows PC should also have a PIN or biometric authentication enabled.
The new updated iCloud Passwords app will make it easier for Windows users to manage their iCloud passwords especially if they are involved with multiple operating systems like Windows and Mac or Windows and iPhone or any other combinations possible.

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