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It does seem like the rivalry between Apple and Facebook isn’t a new thing. According to a report by CNBC, the two companies haven’t liked each other and it perhaps all began in 2011, a year after the iPad was launched.
The revelation was made through some documents that are part of the Apple vs Epic Games legal battle. The documents show some emails shared between Steve Jobs and two other Apple executives.
Scott Forstall, who was then Apple’s software head, sent an email to Jobs and another executive where he informed them about speaking to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about the iPad app for Facebook. Forstall told Zuckerberg that Facebook shouldn’t include embedded apps — like Farmville and others — in its Facebook iPad app. “Not surprisingly, he wasn’t happy with this as he considers these apps part of the ‘whole Facebook experience’ and isn’t sure they should do an iPad app without them,” Forstall wrote.
Zuckerberg wanted Apple to compromise and made a few suggestions as well. In a reply to Forstall’s mail, Jobs said, “I agree — if we eliminate Fecebooks third proposal it sounds reasonable.” Yes, Jobs did refer to Facebook as “Fecebook” in what doesn’t seem like a ‘typo’.
Facebook and Apple since then have had many issues between them. The most recent being the App Tracking Transparency feature which Apple introduced with iOS 14.5. Apple is giving more choice to users and let them allow which apps can track them. Facebook has been up in arms over this and called Apple the ‘enemy’ of small businesses.

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