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Being always connected to the internet in some form or the other can bring potential risks to your data among other things. Hackers and cybercriminals are always on the lookout to dupe users with scam mails, messages or phishing attacks. This is why it’s important to do your best to remain safe on the internet. Since Google’s services and apps are used by millions of people around the world, the tech giant often gives tips on how to remain safe. Recently on its Google India Twitter handle, the tech giant shared the ‘ABCs’ of internet safety. “We are going back to the ABCs. But this time it’s the ABCs of internet safety…” reads the tweet. Here’s what those ABCs are:

Always keep your private details to yourself

Google says that don’t share any private details with anyone on the internet. “No sharing of birthdays, your bank details or even your fave footballer’s name with strangers on the internet.” As basic as this advice or tip may sound, it is actually really important. Often people end up sharing details they shouldn’t and it could lead to potential risks on the internet.

Beware of the bad actors in your inbox

There are far too many spam mails that users get on Gmail. Despite having spam filters and other tools, shady emails can end up in your inbox. Google has a Phishing Protection tool that can help you’d deal with. “Gmail’s Phishing Protection warns you about emails that seem phish-y,” says Google.

Change your passwords frequently

Well, since it’s the ABCs, the tips are meant to be simple yet effective. Google’s advice is to change passwords as frequently as you can. We know it sounds a bit cumbersome and annoying but it’s in the safety of your data on the internet. “If you’re unsure whether your passwords need a change, take the Password Checkup to secure it,” says Google. The Password Checkup tool is available for your Google account and tells you if your password is weak or is at ‘risk’ of being hacked.

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