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Internet search giant Google has announced a series of new updates to its voice-based assistant. The company has announced that users will soon not only be able to teach Google Assistant how to recognise names, but also have accurate and contextual conversations.
Over the next few days, Google Assistant will get the support to enunciate and recognise the names of users’ contacts when they pronounce them.
“Assistant will listen to your pronunciation and remember it, without keeping a recording of your voice. This means Assistant will be able to better understand you when you say those names and also be able to pronounce them correctly,” said Google in a blog post.
This feature is set to be available in English first and later be expanded in other languages as well.
Another improvement happening to Assistant is that it will soon be able to “more accurately understand context while also improving its “reference resolution” — meaning it knows exactly what you’re trying to do with a command.”
The company said that it has fully rebuilt Assistant’s natural language understanding (NLU) models to make Assistant understand the context better.
“Because of these improvements, Assistant can now respond nearly 100 per cent accurately to alarms and timer tasks. And over time, we’ll bring this capability to other use cases, so Assistant can learn to better understand you,” added the company.
Lastly, the company says that users will now be able to have more natural conversations with Assistant. For instance, if you are already talking to Assistant about a place and need more and specific information about that place then it will understand that without the need for mentioning the place again and again.

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