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Google Duo may soon stop working on uncertified devices, says a 9to5Google report. The news comes days after it was reported that Google Messages will stop working on uncertified Android devices.
Similar to the Google Messages app, the notice was spotted in the updated app of Google Duo. However, it does not reveal as to when the Google Duo app will cease to work. For Google messages, the date is March 31.
“Duo is going away soon. Because you’re using an unsupported device, Duo will unregister your account on this device soon. Download your Clips and call history to avoid losing them.” reads the notice.
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An uncertified Android device is one that does not follow Google certification process and does not have Google G suite apps pre-installed on it. For a device to be officially called an Android device, it must go through the certification process ahead of its release.
Till 2018, it was possible to run Google apps even on uncertified Android devices but Google has fixed the loophole now.
An average user will rarely find an uncertified Android device. However, new devices from Huawei could be the possible examples of the devices affected by the latest notice.

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