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NEW DELHI: Google Assistant has turned out to be the best virtual assistant, according to the latest data published by Bespoken. According to a report by, Google Assistant turned out to be better while answering complex questions in comparison to Siri and Alexa.
In the study conducted by Bespoken it used Amazon Echo Show 5, Apple HomePod Mini and Google Nest Home Hub. During the test, researchers asked a set of questions to each of the voice assistants.
“They defined each question as simple or complex and sorted them into subjects like movies, geography, and history. Each question had a different style of complexity, from multiple subjects, a non-grammatical series of keywords, and questions with no answer like asking who the first person was on Mars,” mentions the report.
So, in this test the Google Assistant performed the best followed by Amazon Alexa and Siri. The report adds that all the three voice assistants performed better in the section of complex questions.
“We have two major takeaways from this initial research. “First, while Google Assistant outperformed Alexa and Siri in every category, all three have significant room for improvement,” Bespoken chief evangelist Emerson Sklar told Voicebot.
Recently, an online report revealed that Google has started an in-house testing of a new feature called Guacamole. This new feature will enable users to use the Google Assistant without saying the hotword ‘Hey Google’.
According to a report by 9to5Google, the feature will allow Google Assistant users to perform quick voice tasks like turning off the alarm or answering calls without the saying trigger word.
The report also adds that Guacamole would enable users to just say ‘stop’, ‘snooze’ and ‘decline call’ without saying ‘Hey Google’ first.

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