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Google is reportedly planning to add a ‘you haven’t responded’ reminder feature to its Messages app. XDA Developers’ recent teardown of the latest beta version of the app suggests that Google might add a ‘Nudges’ to the texting app in future.
According to XDA’s report, the latest beta version of the Messages app carries a code that points towards this feature. The feature is designed to remind users that they haven’t replied to a particular text message.
The Messages app will automatically move chats to the top which it thinks is important for you to reply to. The apk teardown also hints that users will have two options with this feature. Users can set it to highlight a message you may need to reply to or follow up.
Nudges is already available for Gmail and XDA has mentioned that they expect Google to implement a similar approach with the texting app as well.
This feature is still in beta and Google hasn’t officially confirmed it yet. So, it is not clear whether this feature will ever make it to the final version of the app or not. Still, it is a pretty cool feature and it already exists in Gmail. So, we are expecting that Google will most likely add it to the Messages app as well in some future updates.
Since this is an unannounced feature within a beta version of the Google Messages app, it’s unclear if this will ever make it to launch. However, considering the usefulness of the feature as well as its pre-existence within Gmail, we think it’s very likely it will land eventually.
Do note that you can already set manual reminders within Google Messages. Since that’s something you need to remember to do, though, it’s not quite as useful as an automatic nudging system.

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