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Free Fire by Garena has become one of the most popular mobile games in the world. As of August 2021, Free Fire has over 1 billion registered users and over 100 million daily active players.
Beginners might feel baffled and confused while playingFree Fire when they are up against players who are already experienced and have been playing this game for a long time. It’s very important for you to be aware of the do’s and don’ts of any game before you start playing it and achieve success. Here are a number of tips for gamers who are at the initial stages of Free Fire.
Knowing where to drop
It might sound easy and straightforward, but pre-planning the drop location before jumping is absolutely crucial. By doing this, you can exclude the problem of early rotation and it also saves a lot of time in the early stages of the game.
Players can either go for hot drops like Clock Tower and Pochinok or land in less crowded areas like Hangar and Cape Town, depending upon their playing style.
Hot drops offer great loot but they can be highly challenging, and there is always a high risk of an early encounter with opponents in these locations.
Don’t waste time looking for the perfect loot
Although going out with the best loadout is the perfect scenario, it’s not usually attainable. Grab what you can early in the game and never say no to utilities like Flashbang and Grenade.
Looting should be quick and beware of letting your guard down while looting. Getting the ideal loot is not a spontaneous action but a building process.
Always be ready for a fight
New players usually make a common mistake of running away from fights. You should always take charge of the situation. It is tactically superior and a healthy way to approach the game.
You might struggle at the beginning but with experience, you will develop a strong mentality and great combat skills.
Crouch to dodge shotgun bullet
Shotguns cause great damage to players, but they can fire only one bullet at a time. This gun needs a short period to reload ammo for every shot. Exploit this disadvantage to crouch and avoid getting knocked down by shotguns. You can crouch to avoid the bullet whenever the enemy fires at you with a shotgun. Fire back at them when they are reloading their ammo for the next shot.
Pro tips for house attack
Throw a grenade before rushing into houses or blocks. Grenade explosions cause some damage to the enemies camping inside. Now rush into the house and kill them.
You should always rush into houses very quietly. Press the medkit button while moving to move quietly. This will help you to make sudden attacks into the house without the enemy noticing.
Auto aim
If you are using default aim precision, the auto-aim feature in Free Fire doesn’t work like the way you want. It’s recommended for you to choose the Precise on Scope feature. It assists you in headshots to kill the enemy quickly.
These are the four steps of auto headshot tricks that you should learn: crouch, scope zoom in, then crouch, and fire. First, you crouch to avoid bullets from the enemies and have time to touch the scope button. Then, drag the aiming point to the head of the enemy, and fire.
Jump shot is also a pro headshot tip. When you jump, it’s harder for the opponents to kill you with a headshot. Moreover, it’s easier to shoot at the enemy’s head from a higher position.
Swimming tips
One of many secrets that many players don’t know is that switching weapons help you swim faster. One survival rule in Free Fire is not staying in water because you are more exposed in water. You cannot use weapons underwater and may get shot by an enemy. So, when you need to cross the river, you should practice this tip to increase your swimming speed.
Revive and heal simultaneously
This helps your squad to save time and come back to the fight soon. In a strain shooting game like Free Fire, time is one of the key elements for victory. If you fire sooner than the opponent team, you have more chances to win. While reviving the knocked teammate, you can use medkit and heal simultaneously.
Looting airdrops
You should always create gloo walls around the airdrops to loot them safely. Creating a gloo wall covering one of four square corners of the airdrop, the enemies will have difficulty shooting you. It’s because you will have the largest cover from the airdrops and a great cover from the gloo wall. Many players tend to avoid airdrops because of their fear for campers. But airdrops have lots of decent loot. With a great cover, you can take all these supplies safely and get Booyah.
Sniping practice
Practice sniping to develop your shooting skills. It enhances your aiming skills a lot. While playing solo, take a sniper rifle gun and suitable attachments and start practicing regularly. This is one of the best tips to become a pro soon.

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