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Steve Jobs once famously said this about the stylus, “Who wants a stylus? You have to get em’, put em’ away. You lose them. Yuck.” Apple has come a long way from that quote and sells a Pencil for the iPad. And now if rumours are to be believed then Apple may ship its first foldable iPhone with stylus support, as per a report by communications and digital media organisation Omdia. The firm predicts that the Cupertino-based tech giant may launch the 7.3-7.6 inch foldable OLED smartphone by 2023 and add an activity pen (a stylus) with it.
Will the device support the current Apple Pencil or will it have its own, entirely new stylus? That remains to be seen. Also worth pondering over is whether it will be sold separately or will come inside the box without making Apple buyers dole out additional money. The tech giant has been selling the Apple Pencil separately for its iPads.
A recent report claimed that Apple was finally moving ahead with its plan for a foldable iPhone and that it had finalised a clamshell design, like the one seen in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Samsung’s first attempts at the foldable smartphone design (the Galaxy Fold) had reportedly met with some hardware issues, with the screens of the earlier models cracking. Something like this from Apple is unthinkable and it is said that the company plans to incorporate a chemically treated Ceramic Shield glass that can withstand the pressure while folding and unfolding the device. It is still the beginning of 2021 and a lot of things can change for the rumoured foldable Apple iPhone, design and technology-wise, by the time 2023 arrives.

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