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The news of the Facebook data leak that compromised the phone numbers and email IDs of over 500 million users has not even died yet and now there is another report claiming that apart from the 533 million phone numbers, there is another database of Facebook-leaked phone numbers online. This separate data leak has been made possible with the help of a Telegram tool, claims a report by Vice, based on the findings of cybersecurity firm Motherboard.
The Telegram tool, which reportedly appears as a bot on Telegram, asks customers to pay to find a certain phone number connected with a Facebook account that liked a specific page. Motherboard claims that it has verified the tool and is also positive that the phone numbers included in this newly-found dataset are not included in the recent 500 million users’ dataset.
As per the report, a description for the bot reads “The bot give [sic] out the phone numbers of users who have liked the Facebook page.” A certain page with tens of thousands of likes on Facebook could cost a few hundred dollars. The report says that to use the bot, customers have to “ first identify the unique identification code of the Facebook Page they want to get phone numbers from. This is possible with at least one free to use website. From there, customers enter that code into the bot, which provides a cost of the data in US dollars and the option to proceed with the purchase, according to Motherboard’s tests.”
The report adds that for the Facebook pages with under 100 likes, the bot offers the data for free. The data is included in a spreadsheet that has the full name, phone number and gender of the Facebook user. It also added that “the bot does not necessarily provide data on all users who liked the Page; for a Page with around 50 likes, the bot provided a spreadsheet of under 10 users.”

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