CES 2021: Netgear introduces world’s first all-purpose WiFi 6E router called Nighthawk RAXE500- Technology News

Netgear, during CES 2021, introduced the world’s first all-purpose WiFi 6E router, the Nighthawk RAXE500 Tri-band WiFi router. The Nighthawk RAXE500 Tri-band Wi-Fi router promises to prove speeds up to 10.8Gbps. A CES 2021 Innovations Award Honoree, the Nighthawk RAXE500 Tri-band Wi-Fi Router is designed to provide the fastest Wi-Fi speed possible with higher-capacity, lower latency, and the latest WPA3 security. The new Wi-Fi 6E router from Netgear allows for 4K/8K video streaming as well.

 CES 2021: Netgear introduces world’s first all-purpose WiFi 6E router called Nighthawk RAXE500

Nighthawk Raxe 5000

The Nighthawk performance router delivers faster speeds, smoother streaming, less interference, and improved latency for devices and Wi-Fi-hungry applications for an overall enhanced experience due to its 6GHz band.

Netgear also introduced two new mobile products in the Nighthawk 4G LTE Wi-Fi 6 Router (LAX20) and the Netgear 4G LTE Modem (LM1200).

According to the company, the Nighthawk LAX20 router supports advanced Wi-Fi 6 networking technology delivering 1.8Gbps of high-performance Wi-Fi. The Nighthawk LAX20 router also provides an alternate mobile internet connectivity option.

The Netgear LM1200 modem offers reliable internet connection via the 4G LTE network when faced with slow internet options (DSL) or the lack of fixed-line broadband service. It is certified to work with AT&T and T-Mobile at launch.

Speaking about it, Marthesh Nagendra, Country Manager India, ME & SAARC, Netgear stated that the various Wi-Fi tools and solutions at CES this year that would provide connectivity for households and businesses regardless of where they may be located.”

CES 2021 also saw Netgear showcase the WAX214 and WAX218 wall/ceiling mount Wi-Fi 6 Access Points. Both devices provide today’s home office workers, micro businesses and small retail owners with a cost-effective solution to typical wireless networking challenges.

“We are also thrilled to announce the industry’s first all-purpose Wi-Fi 6E router which lets you enjoy ultra-fast speeds, smooth streaming, and lower latency for your 4K/8K streaming, AR/VR gaming, and video-conferencing. The Nighthawk RAXE500 Tri-band Wi-Fi Router will capitalize on the available bandwidth afforded by the new 6Ghz channel, delivering an increase in speed and capacity that has never been experienced up until this moment”, Nagendra stated during the event.

Netgear also announced the Remote Cloud management solution, Netgear Insight at CES 2021. The Insight version 6.0 offers a clear visual view of wired and wireless networks and enhances customers’ network visibility.


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