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Microsoft is soon set to roll out the Windows 11 software update. As part of this new operating system update, Microsoft will include multiple new features. Now, it has come to light that the Windows 11 update will make it harder for users to switch default browsers.
According to a report by The Verge, In Windows 11, Microsoft has changed the way you set default apps. By making the process of switching default internet browsers cumbersome, Microsoft is trying to boost the position of its Edge browser that lags behind in the global web browser market, which is led by Google Chrome by a vast margin.
The report says that users will find a prompt that will ask you to install a new browser as other options if they want and it is here where you will have to tick “always use this app,” otherwise the default app will never be changed.
“Microsoft has changed the way default apps are assigned in Windows 11, which means you now have to set defaults by file or link type instead of a single switch. In the case of Chrome, that means changing the default file type for HTM, HTML, PDF, SHTML, SVG, WEBP, XHT, XHTML, FTP, HTTP, and HTTPS,” said The Verge.
Internet browser companies — Opera and Firefox — in official statements have shown their displeasure with this move from Microsoft.
“It’s very unfortunate when a platform vendor is obscurifying a common use case to improve the standing of their own product. We would like to encourage all platform vendors to respect user choice and allow competition on their platforms. Taking away user choice is a step backwards,” says Krystian Kolondra, Opera’s head of browsers.
“We have been increasingly worried about the trend on Windows. Since Windows 10, users have had to take additional and unnecessary steps to set and retain their default browser settings. These barriers are confusing at best and seem designed to undermine a user’s choice for a non-Microsoft browser,” says Selena Deckelmann, senior vice president of Firefox.
Hiroshi Lockheimer, the company’s head of Android, Chrome, and Chrome OS, took to Twitter to respond to this and said, “This from the company that claims to be the most open, with ‘the most choice. I hope this is just a developer preview thing, and the shipping version of Windows 11 lives up to their claims. This is far from ‘choice.’”

It remains to be seen if Microsoft changes this process before it officially rolls out Windows 11 to the public.
Windows 11 is expected to be available for download later this year when PCs with Windows 11 operating system will officially start selling.

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