Black Widow free stream warning: Watching Marvel movie online could be very costly

Anyone thinking of trying to watch the latest blockbuster Marvel movie online for free might want to think again. The hotly anticipated Black Widow film, starring Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh, has just been released in cinemas and via Premier Access on Disney+ but fans are being warned of the dangers of attempting to watch this latest addition to the Avengers franchise without paying for the privilege.

Hackers are clearly aware of the huge interest in this must-see movie and are now trying to cash in via those attempting to watch the film for free. According to the security experts at Kaspersky, there has been a surge in scams around the Black Widow film with some using fake sites to spread malware whilst others try and trick fans into handing over credit card details with the promise of a cheaper way to view the blockbuster.

“We have observed intensified scamming activities around ‘Black Widow,’ the release of which fans all over the world have been eagerly anticipating for a long time. In their excitement to watch the long-awaited movie, viewers have become inattentive to the sources they use, and this is exactly what fraudsters benefit from. These attacks are preventable, and users should be alert to the sites they visit,” said Kaspersky security expert Anton V. Ivanov.

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Kaspersky says that one of the most common tactics used by cyber thieves is to show a few minutes of the movie before it suddenly stops. Users are then asked to register and hand over bank details and home addresses to watch the rest of the action. However, once they hit the register button the movie doesn’t play and they are left with a very costly mistake as hackers can use the credentials to make online purchases.

Hackers are also trying to infect PCs with malware via fake downloads of the film and some are using forged websites that look like the official movie page in an attempt to steal personal data.

Anyone trying to search for ways to watch Black Widow for free online should be aware that there’s a high chance they’ll encounter some form of scam.

“You may encounter a site that will show you the first couple minutes of the film and then ask you to enter your full name, address and credit card number to continue watching. It goes without saying that you should absolutely not do this,” said Attila Tomaschek, Digital Privacy Expert at ProPrivacy.

“All of this information goes directly to the scammer and is exactly the type of information criminals need to engage in credit card fraud and identity theft, you also won’t be able to watch the rest of the movie after you’ve given them your details.

If you want to ensure you’re completely safe from the Black Widow scam, it’s probably best to either book tickets to a cinema or subscribe to Disney+ to stream it safely at home.”

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