Apple’s new ad pays special attention to iPhone 12’s ‘partner’ – Eagles Vine

Apple’s newest iPhone 12 ad, named ‘Haystack’, shows a rancher driving on a narrow road going through a field in search of his lost iPhone with his dog accompanying him in the car. While driving, the rancher seems to have got an approximate location of the missing iPhone (most probably used iCloud to locate it) as he stops and then reverses his car a bit. After he gets out of the car and goes and stands near a haystack, he is shown to be wearing an Apple Watch, which is helping him locate the missing iPhone.
Meanwhile, the song “Searching (For Someone Like You)” by country singer Kitty Wells plays in the background. Suspecting that the iPhone might be somewhere inside the haystack, he presses the Pinging iPhone option on his Apple Watch, which should make his iPhone emit a beeping sound to help him locate it. And the beeping comes from close by. Next, he puts his hand inside the haystack and without any difficulty, finds his missing iPhone 12 in the first attempt only. The ad ends with the rancher walking back to his car and “Relax, its iPhone12+Apple Watch” showing in the middle of the screen. You can see it here yourself.

Besides the obvious ‘too easy’ find inside the haystack, it is a straightforward ad meant to popularise the combination of the two gadgets. The ad tries to show how handy a companion an Apple Watch can be to an iPhone user who does not have one, a clever ploy to make you want to take a closer look at the smartwatch and consider buying one. But isn’t that what Apple has always been about, wanting users to get into its ecosystem of devices to get more out of its services?

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