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Several brands along with Apple have been working on alternate input methods for smartphones and smart wearable devices that will allow users to use the device without using the touch input. If you’ve used a Wear OS smartwatch, it allows users to control the watch with hand gestures. Similarly, Apple allows users to use iPhone with voice commands. Soon, Apple users will be able to blow on iPhone and Watch to execute a command.
US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded Apple with the patent approval for Blow event detection and mode switching with an electronic device. The patent was approved yesterday (August 24, 2021).
According to the patent application, the new technology is all about systems, methods and computer-readable media for detecting blow events with an electronic device and for switching between different modes of an electronic device based on detected blow events.
Apple has also explained how a ‘blow detection assembly’ can be used to detect a blow by iPhone or Apple Watch. Apple is planning to implement a pressure change system that will help the blow detection assembly measure change in pressure when someone blows on the iPhone or Apple Watch. It will also be paired with a motion detector which will look for movement made by the device at a certain threshold to avoid false detection.
Apple has also clarified that users will be able to execute several commands by blowing on their devices such as taking calls, waking up the watch or iPhone and several other actions. Also, to ensure that the blow is coming from the users, Apple will also implement a time limit between the blows or there could be multiple blow options to differentiate between two different blow commands.
While the new blow feature seems pretty interesting, this will now only make things easier for users to interact with the device even if both their hands are busy. Also, it will boost the user experience significantly. Also, the patent does not guarantee that we will get to see this feature in future iPhones and Apple Watch.

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