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The cameras of iPhones have improved drastically over time with Apple offering better focusing, colours, depth and video recording capabilities. However, there’s one thing that continues to bother iPhone users– green lens flares. Most of the times when you click a photo using your iPhone on a sunny day or under bright lighting, green lens flares tend to ruin the otherwise perfect photo. Now, Apple has taken note of this issue and is reportedly fixing it.
As per a report by 9to5Mac, Apple has included a feature in iOS 15 Beta 4 that automatically removes lens flares in photos. While clicking an image you may continue to see the green lens flare but the moment you click an image, Apple removes it in post processing. There’s no option for users to manually intervene and this is just a software feature, where iOS 15 automatically removes lens flares once it is able to detect it.
While the feature is said to be working fine on images with blue sky or walls or other prominent backgrounds, the auto-removal of lens flares may not work well with trees or other surfaces on the background.
As per a Reddit thread, not all iPhones will get this feature. While an iPhone XS user said that the feature is available, an iPhone 8 Plus user complained that it is not. It may be quite possible that Apple is restricting it to newer iPhones only or devices powered by at least A12 Bionic chipset. So, if you are using an old iPhone, you may still have to deal with lens flares while editing photos.
While the feature may work well for still photos, iPhone users will have to live with lens flares while recording videos. This feature seems to be limited only for photos at the moment and it doesn’t remove lens flares from videos.

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