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Apple had first introduced the Touch ID feature back in September 2013. The iPhone 5s was one of the first devices that came with a fingerprint scanner embedded on the home button. Apple was one of the first companies that introduced the technology that offered better security, which was followed across all brands across the globe. In 2017, Apple decided to ditch the home button and fingerprint scanner for the Face ID. Now, the company is gearing up to launch the new iPhone 13 this year, for which a lot of leaks have already started coming out.

 Apple iPhone 13 will feature optical in-display fingerprint sensor: Report

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The most recent leaks suggest that the 2021 Apple iPhone 13 would be coming back with the Touch ID technology that it dumped four years ago.

However, the Touch ID, unlike the previous generation, would be in the form of an in-display fingerprint scanner, something that already exists in Android smartphones.

As per Wall Street Journal reports, two former employees suggested that Apple is expected to bring an in-display fingerprint scanner on the upcoming iPhone 13. The Touch ID will be an add-on along with the iPhone’s proprietary Face ID that uses a 3D scanner and neural sensor to map the face to unlock the device.

The iPhone 13 could be getting an optical in-display fingerprint scanner. The optical in-display fingerprint technology captures the image of the finger by making use of the light to detect the fingerprint when the finger is placed on the sensor. However, the optical in-display fingerprinting isn’t as reliable as an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that uses sound waves to detect an individual’s fingerprint, making it more secure.

To sort the security issue with the optical in-display fingerprint technology, the ex-Apple employee suggests that Apple could use a new optical sensor technology that would be more secure than the ultrasonic one.


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