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Apple announced iCloud+ service at the WWDC 2021 event. Apple says that the new service ‘combines everything users love about iCloud with new premium features’. Apple users will not be charged any additional cost for the new cloud service. Wondering about the new service and how it is different from the existing iCloud service and more? Read below.
What is iCloud+?
iCloud+ is a new cloud storage service announced by Apple at its annual developers’ event. It comes loaded with new premium features for better privacy. The service, in essence, clubs iCloud storage with enhanced privacy through features like Private Relay, Hide My Email, and expanded HomeKit Secure Video support.
What are the key features of iCloud+?
First and foremost is the Private Relay feature. It is a new internet privacy service that allows users to browse the web in a more secure and private manner. The feature is built right into iCloud and will ensure that all traffic leaving a user’s device is encrypted. The tech giant says that with the new feature neither Apple nor the user’s network provider can access or read websites that a user visits.
Hide My Email feature will enable users to create unique and random email addresses which can be forwarded to their personal inbox. This will allow users to keep their personal email address private, in case they are dubious about receiving spam messages from a certain email ID in future. Apple says that users can create and delete as many addresses as needed at any time.
iCloud+ also expands support for HomeKit Secure video, enabling users to connect more cameras in the Home app. The current storage support for five HomeKit XSecure videos has been changed to unlimited count. However, unlimited video support will be available only with the top-most plan of iCloud+ service.
How is iCloud+ different from iCloud?
While iCloud is largely a cloud service platform, iCloud+ is a step ahead. As mentioned before, it comes with improved privacy features. The new iCloud+ service separates the free iCloud users from the paid subscribers.
How can current iCloud subscribers get iCloud+?
During the keynote, Apple said that the current iCloud subscribers will be automatically upgraded to iCloud+ this fall. So if you are a paid iCloud subscriber, you need not buy iCloud+ plans.
What are iCloud+ plans?
Apple says that the new features come at no additional cost. This means that the iCloud+ plans will carry the same price tag as the iCloud storage plans. In India, the plans start at Rs 75 per month. It offers 50GB iCloud storage and comes with support for one HomeKit Secure Video camera.
There is a Rs 219 plan which offers 200GB iCloud storage and support for up to 5 HomeKit Secure Videos. The top-end plan carries a price tag of Rs 749. It offers 2TB iCloud storage. Users will get access to unlimited HomeKit Secure videos with this plan.
Will iCloud+ also be available to users who have a free plan for iCloud (5GB one)?
No. Only the paid iCloud subscribers will be upgraded to iCloud+. Those with a free plan for iCloud will have to choose from the above-mentioned plans to enjoy iCloud+ features.

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