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NEW DELHI: Apple may be looking to introduce a new battery related feature in its future iPhones. There is no doubt that all iPhone users would like to see some improvements, either in the charging aspect or the battery life. Now, it seems Apple will soon devise a way which will help in improving the battery life of the iPhone. According to the newly-granted patent by USPTO, Apple may bring attention detection service to iPhones.
The patent named ‘Attention detection service’ was originally filed on March 31, 2020. As per the patent, “The attention detection service may monitor various peripheral devices in the device for indications that a user is paying attention to the device. Various clients may register for notification of attention detection and attention lost (attention no longer detected) events, or may poll the service for the events.”
With this new feature Apple aims to converse the battery power on an iPhone. If a user is no longer staring at the device, then certain actions can be taken to reduce the battery consumption by turning the device off.
The patent says, “Typically, mobile devices are designed to operate from a mobile power source such as a battery, instead of or in addition to operating from a fixed power source such as a wall power outlet. The fixed power source generally has essentially infinite energy available, while the mobile power source can have a finite amount of stored energy before replenishment is needed. Accordingly, energy is a scarce resource that is desirable to conserve.”
Apple is also expected to increase the battery capacity on the upcoming iPhone 13 models.
It will be important for the company to save battery on the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max as both the models are said to come equipped with 120Hz ProMotion screen.

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