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Over the years, the camera on the iPhone may not have headline screaming features but it has been the most consistent ones. Apple, with the help of computational photography, has made the camera on iPhone really good. With iOS 14.3 — the latest OS update — Apple brings ProRAW to iPhone 12 Pro series. It’s a feature that will appeal to a lot of photographers and here’s what you need to know about it:
What is ProRAW and what it really does
A RAW image is, well raw, in the sense it doesn’t have any AI influence or computational photography. Images are termed raw as unlike JPEG format they don’t actually save any information about sharpening, colour or other camera effects. In other words, image processing isn’t done automatically or it is done minimally. Most professional photographers shoot raw images as they capture what the camera sensor really sees in real life.
The ProRAW files are actually crafted from a multitude of image frames. Apple’s Deep Fusion tech looks at these images pixel by pixel and the A14 Bionic processor is super fast to do all the analysis without leading to any sorts of lag.
How to use ProRAW on iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max

  • Go to Settings and find the Camera
  • Select Formats option at the top
  • Toggle on Apple ProRAW
  • Now, head to the camera app and you will notice the RAW icon on the top right
  • Simply tap RAW to enable the feature

Should you use ProRAW for everyday images?
As great as the feature is, it isn’t meant for everyone. There’s a reason why Apple hasn’t given this feature to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. Firstly, it really adds weight to the Pro moniker and secondly, it’s not meant for everyday usage. For starters, images clicked in ProRAW easily weigh more than 25MB each. This is because there’s more image data in ProRAW files compared to a normal JPEG file.
It’s ideal for those who want to try their hands at professional photography with the iPhone in their hands. It gives flexibility in editing, shooting and if you have no idea about raw images, get started on ProRaw. There will be a learning curve but will give you a fair idea on how professional photographers work.
Austin Mann, a well-known professional photographer, who has written a lot about iPhone cameras, had this to say about ProRAW. “ProRAW is not simply a magic switch you can flip on to make your photos better. In fact, the non-ProRAW file initially looks much better than the ProRAW file, so shooting ProRAW really only makes sense if you intend to spend the time fine-tuning the image in post.” So, there you have it. If you really want to understand the nuances or editing and shooting raw images, this is the feature for you.

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