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A UK court has ruled that tech giant Apple has no trademark grounds over which to stop Swatch from using the phrase “one more thing” as its own trademark, as per a report by AppleInsider. The phrase “one more thing” was used by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs towards the end of his keynote speeches that led to a surprise announcement by the tech giant. Swatch trying to use the same phrase as trademark apparently miffed Apple and the Swiss watchmaker was challenged legally.
As per the report, judge Ian Purvis said that using the same phrase as Steve Jobs may have been an effort by the watchmaker to “annoy” Apple but it can’t stop Swatch from using the phrase as a trademark. Apple’s lawyers had reportedly argued that this was Swatch’s attempt to parody Apple. The judge, however, reportedly said that Apple has ultimately failed to come up with examples of concerning parodies.
Apple’s dragging Swatch to court could not be thought of as just because of the phrase. Swatch, in 2015, had objected to Apple using the term “iWatch” for the Apple Watch in the UK, since one of its own brands was named “iWatch”. Consequently, Apple couldn’t trademark the term for the UK launches. The Cupertino-based tech giant may have held a grouse against the watchmaker since then. In 2019 also, Apple lost against Swatch again for trying to stop the company from registering the phrase “Tick Different”, as its own Mac tagline was “Think Different.”

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