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Amazon keeps updating the skillset of its voice-based assistant Alexa. The latest feature announced by Amazon makes Alexa smarter than before. According to a report by TechCrunch, Alexa will now be equipped with Live Translation feature. Alexa will combine Amazon’s speech recognition technology with neural machine translation for the feature. The Live Translation feature supports translating between English and French, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, German or Italian.
With the new feature, Alexa is on a slightly more even footing with Google Assistant, which has had this feature for a while now. Last year in October, Amazon had introduced the multi-lingual mode for Alexa. For instance, if you ask for the weather in English, Alexa will reply in English, and if you speak in Hindi, Alexa will understand and respond in Hindi.
Meanwhile, other Alexa skills that have been upgraded include, a smarter Alexa on Fire TV devices. Users can now ask Alexa on Fire TV devices about the weather or for general information without interrupting the TV viewing or browsing experience. Responses will be answered by Alexa on a partial screen overlay on top of full-screen video playback or the Fire TV browse screen background.
Amazon Fire TV users can now also sign in without the need of entering Amazon credentials with the on-screen keyboard using a remote. Amazon sends users a URL that could be opened on a secondary device (mobile phone/laptop) along with a code on the TV. Users can open this URL on a secondary device signing in with Amazon credentials. Once the code shown on TV is entered into this web page, Fire TV gets registered to the account used while opening the URL.

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