Amazon Echo price slashed and you get a free smart gift too

If you’ve been thinking of picking up an Amazon Echo smart speaker then now is the perfect time to do so. The Alexa makers have slashed the price of its 4th gen Echo speaker – which usually costs £89.99 – by £30 to £59.99. If that wasn’t enough, to sweeten the deal Amazon is also throwing in a free Philips Hue bulb to help start you off with your new smart home set-up.

These smart bulbs are the ideal partner for your new Echo speaker, and will allow you to turn on or off the lights and adjust the brightness all with the sound of your voice.

A single Philips Hue bulb is usually priced at £17.99 on Amazon, meaning this latest Echo deal will save you almost £50 in total.

The 4th gen Amazon Echo and Echo Dot speakers were first launched in 2020, and brought with it the biggest redesign since the Alexa device first debuted.

Instead of the disc or cylindrical designs seen on previous Echo devices, the 4th gen models boast a spherical shape.

Besides this new-look eye-catching design, these latest Echo speakers are also environmentally conscious.

Best Echo Dot deals

The 4th gen Echo devices are made with 100 percent recycled aluminium and fabric plus 50 percent recycled plastic, so are kinder on Mother Nature to produce.

Plus, unlike previous Echo speakers the 2020 models support lossless (aka CD quality) streaming which is available with Amazon’s Music Unlimited service.

Spotify are also meant to be launching its own take on this higher audio quality, dubbed Spotify HiFi, but exact release details are yet to be confirmed.

Any music you stream on a 4th gen Echo will also be enhanced by Dolby Audio support, and will be blasted out via the speaker’s 3.0inch woofer and dual 0.8inch tweeters.

If you’re limited for space and would rather pick up an Echo Dot, then Amazon is also running a money-saving deal on the 4th gen version.

The 4th gen Echo Dot is usually priced at £49.99, but right now you can get it for £29.99 – either with or without six months free access to Amazon Music Unlimited.

To get half a year’s worth of access to the Spotify rival for free you’ll need to be a new subscriber.

If you sign up to the Music Unlimited deal then you will save almost £80, when factoring in the saving on the Echo Dot and on cost of the music streaming service.

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