A YouTuber split up the movie Tenet across five Game Boy Advance cartridges to experience it in the ‘worst way possible’- Technology News

In June 2020, when the movie Tenet was launched, and when most parts of the world were in lockdown, Christopher Nolan said “This is a film whose image and sound really needs to be enjoyed in your theaters on the big screen”. This statement, coming from Nolan in the middle of a pandemic, really upset YouTuber Bob Wulff, who runs the WulffDen channel. So, “out of spite”, Wulff decided that “we have to put this on a Game Boy immediately”. He acknowledges that this is “quite possibly the worst way to view Tenet.”

Wulff split up the movie across five Game Boy Advance cartridges. He even made custom labels for each of those cartridges.

 A YouTuber split up the movie Tenet across five Game Boy Advance cartridges to experience it in the worst way possible

Bob Wulff made custom labels for each of the cartridges for Tenet.

The movie being split across multiple cartridges isn’t event the worst part. He had to compress the video down to six frames per second with a resolution of 192 x 128 and a whopping 8 KB/s bitrate. Also, the software he used to crush the video down sped up the video by a third by default.

Also, don’t forget, when you view this on the Game Boy, the already-heard-to-hear dialogues would be so much worse on a Game Boy Advance speaker.

“The viewing experience on this is absolutely abysmal,” says Wulff surprisingly happily.

The Game Boy Advance also doesn’t support 3.5 mm headphone jack, and if you fast forward the movie, it crashes the ROM.

Although, Wulff suggests this could be a “fun project for smaller videos”. Tenet is a two and a half hours long movie.


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