4 Tech Gadgets Every Student Needs to Own

If you’re heading off to college in the fall, you’re likely heading out for the first time on your own. University can be both an exciting and stressful time for freshmen, but there are some gadgets that you can take with you that will make your life a little bit easier. From a touch screen laptop to noise canceling headphones, here are four tech gadgets every student needs to own:

#1. A Touch Screen Laptop

A students touch screen laptop is a two-in-one gadget that is sure to benefit you during your time at college. You can use it as a laptop for writing essays, performing research, and taking notes, and then use it as a tablet for things like drawing and video calling friends and family. Touch screen laptops tend to be much lighter than traditional laptops, making them much more portable and easy to carry around. They’re especially ideal if you plan to get your student books in digital form as you can carry them everywhere without dealing with the weight of traditional books. Lenovo are one of the leaders in touch screen laptops.

#2. A Portable Power Bank

If you consider your phone and/or laptop essential devices, it pays to invest in a portable power bank. These basically work by providing power to your gadgets when you’re away from a physical power outlet. Anker is the leading supplier of these products, and you’ll find them in numerous different capacities. You’ll probably only need a small power bank for charging your phone, but if you need to charge a tablet and laptop too, you’ll need one with a larger mAh. The only other thing you’ll need is a USB cable to connect the power bank to your device.

#3. Noise Canceling Headphones

Dorm rooms can be noisy, and unless you plan on spending all your free time in the college library, it’s likely you’ll be working in your room for some of the time. One of the ways to minimize distractions, and be able to work in relative quiet, is by purchasing a pair of noise canceling headphones. There is a huge range of noise canceling headphones out there, and if you have the money you can buy some that will give you pretty much full noise block out. Sony are a great choice when it comes to these.

#4. Virtual Assistant

Finally, it’s also worth considering investing in a virtual assistant like Alexa or the Google Home Mini. These can help you to organize your life in a much more efficient way. Rather than needing to remember all of your lectures, assignments, meetings and nights out, you can let your assistant do this for you, and alert you if you’re at risk of forgetting anything important. The Amazon Echo is a top choice of gadget for students, with the Dot being the ideal size for most dorm rooms.

Hopefully the above list of gadgets will help you when you head off to college in the fall!

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