Why racing star James Courtney is apologizing for sultry photo with girlfriend

Supercars star James Courtney took baking to another level in a new Instagram post — but the internet wasn’t having it.

On Tuesday, Courtney shared a photo of himself baking, while his girlfriend Tegan Woodford sat on the counter in a lingerie-style black, lace robe.

“Could you at least pass me a spoon babe?” Courtney captioned his post, which wasn’t well received by some due to its sultry nature.

Despite brushing off critics, telling commenters to “stop hating, start baking,” Courtney issued an apology on Wednesday to those his post may have offended.

“I’m sorry if my post yesterday upset a few people, I thought it was funny and would make people laugh in these tough Covid times,” he wrote in a since-expired post on his Instagram Story.

“The world is already full of so much hate. We don’t need to add to the already out of control cyber bullying epidemic.”

Following the backlash, in which one commenter said the post was “borderline soft porn,” and unfollowed the supercars racer, Courtney did not delete the photo.

The couple then took to their Instagram Stories to share a photo of Courtney posing like Tegan with his legs crossed, while holding a cupcake. She used the hashtag, “StopHatingStartBaking.”

“The cupcakes were fantastic by the way!” Courtney added.

Courtney and Woodford often share comical photos that feature the beauty entrepreneur modeling designer looks, while he does household chores.

The couple went public with their romance in April, and they’ve been inseparable in social media posts ever since.

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