Warriors’ Draymond Green comes for Reggie Miller over groin-kicking comment

Draymond Green isn’t happy with Reggie Miller name-dropping him in a conversation about groin-kicks.

On Tuesday night, the Warriors star apparently caught Game 2 of the Lakers-Suns series and heard the Hall of Famer bring up his name on the broadcast while discussing Anthony Davis’ “unintentional” kick to Jae Crowder’s groin.

“This is probably going to be a technical, because we saw Draymond Green a few years ago,” Miller said, according to Yahoo Sports.

“I think the foul will stick. But I think it will be a technical foul on Anthony Davis. It’s unintentional. It’s unintentional,” he declared, adding, “But this is part of the new rules now to protect players.”

Miller was referencing the 2016 Western Conference finals, when Green kicked then-Thunder center Steven Adams in the groin twice during the series.

Green took to Twitter to respond to Miller’s comment, writing, “So it’s unintentional now @ReggieMillerTNT ? You referenced me as if mines was also unintentional? None of y’all said that during the time,” he continued, adding a confused-face emoji.

“Clarify your point? Would love to know….”

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In a follow-up tweet, Green explained, “Because if you’re saying mines was unintentional, there’s a lot of cowards that just went silent? And if you’re saying it’s intentional on my behalf but not here, then I shouldn’t have been referenced @ReggieMillerTNT just curious.”

Miller has yet to response to Green’s tweets.

As for the Davis-Crowder situation, the referees first called a foul on Crowder for his contact on Davis’ shooting motion. Davis was given two free throws.

After further review on the play, the refs hit Davis with a flagrant 1 foul for his high kick to Crowder’s groin.

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