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At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc in India, there is a school of thought that the IPL should not continue. However, others argue that the league also supports an entire economic ecosystem and is also not making the COVID situation in the country worse in any way. And also that it provides much needed relief and distraction in these extremely tough times.
As the debate rages on, ran a poll asking the fans to vote on this and other related topics.
The first part of the poll that fans were asked to give their opinion on was – The IPL should…..The four options given were –
A. Go on since it’s one of the few distractions, that even those infected with the virus need
B. Go on because it creates jobs and income—like other businesses do and are allowed to carry on
C. Should stop because right now it’s no more than a symbol of greed and obstinacy
D. Should continue only if it doesn’t contribute to the spread of infection
The maximum number of votes were polled here for option A, which received 2372 votes. Most fans clearly felt that the IPL is a welcome distraction.
The next highest number of votes were polled for option C. This option received 1276 votes, showing that the debate for and against the IPL is well and truly on.
Option B received 854 votes, while option D got 1091 votes.

The second part of the poll that fans were asked to give their opinion on was – IPL should continue only if the star players and BCCI fund Covid relief measures generously and openly. The two options given here were “Yes” and “No”
Most fans agreed with this school of thought and the “Yes” option received 3069 votes. The “No” option here got 2560 votes.

The third part of this poll read – IPL should do more to spread awareness about Covid appropriate behaviour, with “Yes” and “No” as the two options.
Majority of the fans who voted felt the IPL should do more. The “Yes” option here received 5164 votes, while the “No” option got only 466 votes.

The fourth section of this poll was a question, which was – Would it have been better of the IPL was held in the UAE this time as well, with again “Yes” and “No” being the two options
Interestingly, most fans who voted felt that hosting the IPL in the UAE, like the 2020 edition would not have been a good idea. The “No” option here received 3565 votes, while 2064 votes were polled to say that perhaps holding the IPL in the UAE this time would have been a better option.

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