Shailene Woodley drops Aaron Rodgers hints through a ‘disgusted’ Stephen A. Smith

Did Shailene Woodley just confirm that Aaron Rodgers’ rift with the Packers is about him feeling mistreated and disrespected?

The Golden Globe-nominated actress has football fans buzzing after she retweeted a video suggesting Rodgers’ resentment toward Green Bay is about the franchise quarterback feeling disrespected by the organization.

The video was originally shared by its author — “First Take” host and ESPN personality, Stephen A. Smith.

In the clip, which aired on the show Tuesday, Smith reacted to the news that Rodgers turned down a two-year contract extension in Green Bay that would’ve made him the highest paid player in the NFL.

“This is proof of what I’ve been talking about for months. It’s not about football. It’s not just about the money,” Smith said.

“This is about the way the Green Bay Packers have treated their star player. They have disregarded him, they have dismissed him, they have minimized him, they’ve disrespected him. And he said, ‘Bump y’all, enough is enough.’”

He noted his “disgust” with “all of these NFL aficionados” that “don’t understand” Rodgers’ frustrations. Among those aficionados were even “people we have here working at [ESPN].”

Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers.
Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers.
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Woodley, who recently discussed her relationship with Rodgers, did not add personal commentary. Though, fans believe it’s a direct hint that she feels the same as Smith, thus further speculating that her fiancé does too.

Woodley’s mother, Lori, seemingly confirmed that when she quote tweeted the Smith video with, “Spoken truth.”

It remains to be seen whether or not Rodgers will show up to training camp in Green Bay, where veteran players are expected to arrive on July 27.

Rodgers broke the news of his engagement in February — though, Woodley recently revealed the couple waited “months and months” before sharing the news.

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