Patrick Mahomes’ huge contract: 10 fun comparisons

There are many ways to see the record-setting contract Patrick Mahomes signed to stay with the Chiefs.

Maximum total value: $503 million. Guaranteed at signing: $63 million. Total guaranteed against injury: $141 million.

But the most logical way is as a 10-year, $450 million extension before including leftovers from his first contract and the potential to earn future incentives. So, how much is $450 million? Let’s look at it in these terms:

—  Greater than all but the top 22 lottery jackpots (12 Powerball, 10 Mega Millions) in United States history.

— Greater than the Gross Domestic Product of seven countries, according to World Bank.

—  Greater than all but the 20 movies with the highest domestic lifetime gross earnings, just ahead of “The Dark Knight Rises,” according to

— Greater than the estimated cost of all but the world’s three most expensive mansions, according to Investopedia.

—  Greater (by $29 million) than LeBron James’ on-court earnings over 20 NBA seasons if he finishes his current contract with the Lakers, according to

—  Greater than the all-time sales of every video-game franchise — Mahomes is a big gamer — except one (Tetris, $495 million), according to

— Just shy of the $450.3 million price paid at a 2017 auction for the “Salvator Mundi” painting by da Vinci.

— Equal to 19.5 percent of the value of the Chiefs franchise, estimated at $2.3 billion (No. 45 among the world’s top sports franchises) by

—Thirty times as much as the United States paid to acquire the Chiefs’ home of Missouri, the entirety of five other states and regions of other states in the Louisiana Purchase from France in 1083.

—  If Mahomes sustains his career averages per season over the life of the extension, it is $3.06 million per win, $1.18 million per touchdown pass, $121,184 per completion and $9,376 per passing yard.

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