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A common refrain that we hear when it comes to the longest format of cricket is ‘Test cricket is dying’. But like everything else, this too is a matter of perception. While there’s no doubt that with the advent of shorter and shorter formats of the game, the original format might not be attracting very many fans, the quality of Test cricket that is on offer is testament to the poetry and romance that the longest format of the game offers.
Former West Indian cricketer and one of the true greats of the game, Michael Holding was a guest recently on Eagles Vine’s new sports podcast ‘Sportscast’ and talked about what he feels when people say -‘Test cricket is dying’.
“When people say ‘Test cricket is dying’, you first have to understand what they are referring to. And in what context they are saying ‘Test cricket is dying’. If you look at it, in the context of people attending tests and interest in Test cricket, I don’t think you could disagree with anyone that the interest and attendance at Test cricket has gone down tremendously. It is no longer at the top of people’s lists. When you think of the standard of cricket being played and how entertaining it is, there’s absolutely no way you can say that Test cricket is dying, because the standard of cricket that you’re watching, and the entertainment value from Test cricket…as far as I’m concerned it is alive and well.” Holding said on TOI Sportscast.
Some of the Test cricket that has been on offer in recent times has been of high quality. India’s tour of Australia for example produced some incredible cricket, with India emerging as the series winners, despite multiple injuries and setbacks.
The interest in the recently concluded World Test Championship Final between India and New Zealand was also quite high, despite the English weather almost coming in the way of a result.
“When you watch two Test teams taking part in a Test match, I don’t think there could be anything better. The ebbs and flows throughout the five days, if it lasts that long, I think is fantastic. But you cannot argue with anyone who says that the interest in it, and the attendance and the priority that people give to Test cricket has certainly waned.” Holding further said on TOI Sportscast.
The full episode of Sportscast featuring Michael Holding will be live soon on Eagles Vine website. You can also catch it on multiple podcast apps like Spotify, Amazon Music, Google podcasts, Gaana, Saavn and others soon.

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