IPL 2021 Auctions: What is an Auction & How Does the it Work?

IPL 2021 Auctions: What is an Auction & How Does the it Work?

One of the biggest T20 tournaments played, the IPL is an extravaganza which is eagerly awaited by millions of fans across the globe. The Indian Premier League (IPL) season commences first through an auction. You might wonder what is an auction.All eight franchises, which are a part of the IPL, bid to secure players through a limited budget in an auction, which is conducted annually and is generally a two-day event. The eight franchises bid to secure the services of domestic, national and International players in order to create a perfect squad for their franchise. Since the inception of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2008, the auction has been one of the most exiting part of the tournament, where cricketers get multi-million dollar contracts and have a chance to showcase their talent on what can be said the grandest stage in T20 cricket.

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The IPL auction is conducted annually by the Board of Control for Cricket of India (BCCI) to auction various and diverse cricket players to the eight franchises which are a part of the Indian Premier League. From the biggest of names in the sport to breakout stars in domestic cricket, the IPL auction is one stage where players go under the hammer to represent a team in the IPL. Franchises bid for players who sign up for the IPL auction and the highest bidder, secures the services of the desired player.

How Does the IPL Auction Work?

The BCCI annually conducts the IPL auction and the eight franchises strategise the players they would want the services of. A budget is given to each team and within the set money, the franchise have to bid for the services of the players. Each player who has signed up for the IPL auction, and makes the finalized list which is release by the BCCI, has a base price. As telecasted on TV, each franchise owner, coach and analysts discuss and bid for the player they have their eye on.

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A finalized list of players who want to play in the IPL is released weeks before the IPL auction is set to be conducted. The various franchises plan and strategise who they would want in their team, given the talent, the attribute they posses which makes them stand out. Apart from the national players who represent a country, cricketers who play domestic cricket are also scouted and it is the IPL that can make a cricketer’s career.

Players are marked as Capped and Uncapped. Capped are players who have represented their country at international level and uncapped players are those cricketers who play domestic cricket and are yet to make the national cricket side.

How Much Budget Does Each Franchise Have?

Each franchise gets a budget of Rs. 80 crore to purchase the service of National, International, Capped and Uncapped players in the IPL pool. It is not necessary to spend all the money in their budget, however, according to the rules and regulations laid down by the BCCI, each franchise has to spend 75% of their budget, or Rs. 60 crore. Some franchises keep a part of their budget aside to purchase the services of players who were not bid for in the first day. Example, when a player’s name is announced and no franchise bids for the player due to his price tag or experience, a particular franchise can request the board to add the player in the final unsold list.

IPL 2021 Auction

The IPL 2021 auction will be conducted on February 18, 2021,in Chennai. The franchises submitted a list of players they have retained and a list of players who they have released from the squad on January 21, 2021. This year, a total of 1,114 cricketers have sent their names for the IPL auction, however, the BCCI released a finalized list 292 players who will go under the hammer out of which, 164 players are from India and 125 are overseas players (International), and 3 players from Associate Nations.

Don’t miss out on this year’s IPL auction, which will be conducted on February 18, 2021, and will be broadcasted live on the Star Sports Network and will be streamed live on Hotstar.


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