Finn Balor: Bullet Club can bring ‘entire’ wrestling world together

Bullet Club’s founder wants there to be peace and cooperation among those with ties to the stable.

NXT champion Finn Bálor, who started the famous New Japan Pro-Wrestling faction in 2013, sent a tweet last week that included nine former or current Bullet Club members – including WWE’s AJ Styles – and a praying hands emoji. NXT’s Adam Cole was left out and responded with a picture of himself in a Bullet Club T-shirt.

The tweet from Bálor, who will defend his title against Pete Dunne at NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day on Sunday (7 p.m., WWE Network), came at time a when there were some social media and on-screen jabs among current and former Bullet Club members. Most of the barbs are part of a storyline between the U.S.-based members and those in Japan, playing out in in a collaborative effort across All Elite Wrestling, Impact Wrestling and New Japan. Bálor wants his former mates to get along – even in storyline.

“I just feel like there has been a little animosity between some of the brothers recently and I was just trying to remind everyone that we’re all cut from the same cloth and we’re all kind of working towards the same thing,” Bálor told The Post in a phone interview. “And just to remind them that we shouldn’t be divided. We should be united and that we work better as a team.

“I think that goes for not just Bullet Club. It goes for all of wrestling. If we can all work together toward the same goal, it would be a lot better than dividing our attentions and dividing our energies against each other. I think it’s better to work together.”

Balor believes the faction can be used as a way to connect the wrestling world because many of its members are spread out in several companies right now or have histories with a number of them. WWE has Balor, Styles and Cole and was once home to Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, who are currently working with Impact. AEW’s Cody Rhodes has a long WWE history and Hideo Itami, now KENTA of New Japan, spent time in NXT. Kenny Omega, AEW’s world champion, is a former leader of the faction.

There have been tips of the cap to Bullet Club in WWE — which does not own the rights to use the faction’s name — since 2016 when Styles, Gallows and Anderson arrived from Japan. When those three have teamed together they were called “The Club” or the “OC” for Original Club. Bálor, who is now calling himself “The Prince” in reference to his Prince Devitt moniker in New Japan, also formed “Bálor Club” in 2018. He believes the Bullet Club members have the “potential” to dominate across pro-wrestling brands if given the chance.

“Whether it can get the backing of everybody is another thing,” Bálor said. “A huge problem in wrestling is the human ego and whether we can get over that remains to be seen. I think definitely Bullet Club has the potential to bring the entire wrestling community together — not divide — and I think that’s something we should be aiming for.”

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