CSA’s interim board expresses concern over SA team’s response to BLM movement


Chairman writes to Smith and Boucher saying South Africans should show “the world that all of us are together in opposing racism at every turn”

Cricket South Africa’s interim board has expressed concern over the men’s national team’s response to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement but maintains it will not compel the squad to act in a particular way. Instead, board chairman Judge Zak Yacoob has written to director of cricket Graeme Smith and national coach Mark Boucher noting individuals’ right to freedom of expression but stating he felt that South Africans should show “the world that all of us are together in opposing racism at every turn”.

Yacoob has also made himself available for any player who felt strongly about demonstrating the message of anti-racism to contact him directly and stressed the interim board’s stance in favour of BLM.

“The interim board (IB) reaffirmed the significance of the current world-wide movement against systemic racism in sport, noting that it was not a sectarian political cause but a broad social justice campaign garnering wide support from athletes all over the world, bringing together a coalition of support across national, racial, class, religious and generational lines,” an interim board statement read. “The IB feels black lives matter has a particular meaning given South Africa’s apartheid past. Therefore, the IB has confirmed CSA’s support for BLM – first expressed on 9 July in the aftermath of the letter sent to CSA by 36 former national players and senior coaches.”

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