Crowd goes gaga over viral wrestling-themed gender reveal

It’s going to be hard to top this gender reveal.

A family of WWE lovers has gone viral for putting on a wrestling match to announce the gender of an unnamed couple’s baby.

The match was between “Team Boy” and “Team Girl,” where two shirtless males — one wearing a pink tutu — wrestled in a makeshift backyard ring, surrounded by presumed friends and family.

“This match could be won by pin-fall or submission,” a third male, acting as the referee, said before the fight. He warned both opponents he wanted “a good clean match” and “nothing dirty.”

The contest lasted nearly two minutes and included renditions of WWE moves, including the famous “DDT” and “Wall of Jericho” — initially created by WWE icon Chris Jericho.

In true WWE-fashion, a spectator emerged from the crowd and hit the Team Boy wrestler with a steel chair. He infiltrated the match after blue put pink in the “Walls of Jericho,” which left pink struggling to grab the ropes.

wrestling-themed gender reveal goes viral
Team Boy vs. Team Girl was hard-fought until the very end.

The move gave Team Girl the advantage, though pink was struggling to get up. That’s when the spectator returned to the ring to pull Team Girl’s body over blue to pin him for the win.

After a 3-count by the ref, Team Girl took the hard-fought victory and the crowd went gaga.

A baby girl is officially on the way for this hilariously creative family.

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